Recovery Tips After Getting A Breast Implant In Perth

The recovery phase varies from one person to another especially for patients who have gone through a breast implants. Perth offers this surgical procedure and you may want to consider getting your operation done in this area. Women are unique in terms of the natural recovery response and the pain tolerance of their body. The healing process is also affected by other variables like the surgical treatment used, the type of implant, size of the implant, and where the implant will be placed. To help you set your expectations straight, here are some of the things that you need to anticipate as you recover from your operation.

The Recovery Process

The recovery process follows the same flow but, keep in mind that you experiences during this phase will vary from all the other women who have had a breast implants. Perth offers this kind of surgical operation and many ladies from here have gone through this operation for various reasons. Within two to three days after surgery, you will start to experience light to moderate pain, which could still be managed through prescribed pain killers. You will also notice your chest area to be swollen and bruised but, this is normal. You will also be asked to wear compression bandages and a surgical bra to help manage the discomfort and to also help protect your surgical wounds. You may also feel nauseas because of the anaesthesia but this will only be temporary. You will also be allowed to take a shower two days after the operation.

One week after the surgery, you will be able to perform light activities and you may even be allowed to return to work. However, there are certain activities that you need to avoid. These include bending, lifting, and other movements that could potentially tire you out. During this period, you are expected to return for a checkup so your surgeon can inspect your incisions and your breasts after the operation.

After two weeks following your surgery, you will start to feel normal. You may also begin to do your normal daily activities without feeling any pain or discomfort. However, you need to keep in mind to avoid performing vigorous routines. By the end of the second week, you may be allowed to take baths.

Four weeks after the surgery, you will feel comfortable enough to start performing exercises. However, the routines that you need to take on must not center on the chest. The sixth week marks full recovery. You can now do your exercise routines without any restraint. You can also start to sleep on your sides and abdomen. You will feel comfortable wearing your bra of choice, which may be a push up bra or one with an underwire. You will see the end results of the breast implants. Perth is home to countless patients have reported remarkable outcomes after having this kind of surgery.

Pain Management

You should expect some degree of pain after undergoing the operation particularly during the first few days after you got your breast implants. Perth has a lot of drug stores where you can buy pain medications as long as you have your doctor’s prescriptions. The level of pain that you will feel depends on your pain tolerance and the kind of surgical technique used. Always remember that our pain threshold is different from others. You may feel a lot of pain while others may not feel that much discomfort.